Black and White

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Lake Ann

Everyone has an opinion about Black and White Photography. To some, it is old fashioned and drab, to others, it brings out the emotion in photograph.

Many will argue that true B&W should be shot on film with the magic coming out in the darkroom. I can appreciate this viewpoint, but I live in a digital world and do all my post processing in Lightroom, Photoshop, and with other software packages. It is easier, more flexible, and due to my technical background, I love working the software to achieve my results.

I am someone who normally enjoys bright colors and overly saturated colors in pictures. Occasionally, I have a shot that I love, but the colors just won't work out for me no matter what I do in post processing. This is when I go to Black and White.

Many of my Black and White shots are not really black and white. I often turn down color saturation to very low levels, that can give just a hint of color, yet still have the feel of a B&W shot.